General Guidelines

50% of total is required to hold your room until arrival. We require that each reservation be guaranteed by a credit card.

We must be notified two weeks before cancellations, or the entire suite charge for all nights is non-refundable and any balance will be charged to the credit card you provide. Reservations during holiday times are non-refundable.

The Two Hearts Inn reserves the right to process the total payment for the stay within one week of the reservation.

Arrivals & Departures
Check-in is 4 to 6 p.m. Special arrangements required for later hours. Check-out is 11 a.m. If you are arriving after 6 p.m. you must make special arrangements, otherwise you will be charged an additional $50 late arrival fee.

No smoking, please.

Additional Guests, Children, & Pets
We book our suites for couples. As our goal is to provide a relaxing enviroment where couples can revitalize their relationships, we do not allow children. We also do not accommodate pets.


Detailed Policies

If you are going to enjoy an evening out, please stop by and pick up your keys from 3 to 6 p.m. so that you are not charged the late arrival fee.

No smoking is allowed anywhere on the grounds, in the building, on the deck, or any public walkways, and is only acceptable near or in your personal vehicle on the parking lot. Cigarettes must be properly disposed of, and littering in any areas, including the deck or grass, will result in a fine.

No candles or incense are allowed due to the fire hazard, if you are desiring a more romantic atmosphere, you are welcome to use the light dimmers available in the room to enhance the mood.

Unique and expensive items have been designed and purchased for each suite, your care is greatly appreciated, and any damage to property or items taken from the room will result in charges for replacement or repair.

Additional Guests
As our goal is to provide a relaxing environment for couples, no guests, children, or pets are allowed.

We know coming to the Inn is a special time, and so we allow a modest celebration with champagne or wine, but no intoxication is permitted and inebriated guests who are disturbing others will be asked to leave the premises.

Please be polite and remember there are other guests who may be sleeping in suites next to yours, and disturbing other guests through excessive noise, music, or TV is not permitted.